The Satriani Tribute Show

About The Show

The Satriani Tribute Show is for Mullen a constant labour of labour of love and appreciation for what Joe has given us in his musical journey of composing, playing and recording progressive rock guitar building on what Jeff Beck, Santana, Jimi Hendrix and other rock guitar instrumentalists had contributed previously to the genre.

Selecting the tracks was for Mullen a fascinating look into a sci-fi musical soundscape, and somewhat challenging when considering the quality and volume of work Satriani has given to audiences since his 1986 debut Not of this Earth and his critically acclaimed 1987 Surfing with the Alien.

Whilst Satriani can look forward in his search for what lies ahead - as indicated by the title of Joe's scheduled new release for 2018 - What Happens Next ? in putting together a tribute Mullen necessarily has to take an archivist - archaeological approach, looking back to what has been done and gone before.

The song selection for The Satriani Tribute Show is in parts a 'greatest hits' but also an essential anthology pitched more widely in listener appeal than to just hard core fans/guitarists.

The upshot is a 70 min (2 set) collection of songs, chosen for best fit and equal parts "light and dark", whilst using a little selective editorial "time control" in ultimately defining this initial Satriani tribute offering.

About Joe Satriani


Sean Mullen - Guitar

This Brisbane-based guitarist counts among his influences Joe Pass, Al Di Meola, Allan Holdsworth and all-time favourite, George Benson.

A graduate from Berklee, having spent six years in the USA playing fusion and funk R&B, Sean's passion remains all things with a groove.

Sean works with vocalist Sandra Beynon in Body and Soul Duo, Willie Nelson's Love Child Show and soon to be released "Mimi Hendrix Experience" - sure to be an interesting offering.

As a graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA, Sean is highly qualified in music theory. He's a self-confessed "modes" freak and can conveniently read anything you put in front of him. He someone manages to read his own manuscripts which, like a doctor, are a secret code meant just for himself.

This Satriani tribute is a labour of love, with Mullen enduring many hundreds of rehearsal hours in his "man-cave" to refine the extremely difficult solos and passages which are a hallmark of Joe Satriani's playing.



Not of this earth
Devil's Slide
Super Colossal
Summer Song
Always with You
Ice #9
If I could fly
Satch's Boogie
Flying in a Blue Dream
Surfing with the Alien
Crystal Planet
Up to the Sky
Shockwave Supernova
The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing
Lord of Kharma Kharma



Sean Mullen Guitar



"Sean is one of the finest guitarists in Australia, but he's flown under the radar until now. The audience couldn't believe the technical skill he possessed, just how much talent and technique it takes to pull off Satriani's very difficult pieces. Sean not only looks like Joe, but his commitment to playing the pieces as Joe wrote them is commendable. I went to a recent Satriani concert and even he doesn't play his own tunes exactly as they were recorded when he wrote them! So, if you love to hear them as you remember them, make sure you check out Sean's tribute show. You will not be disappointed." Danny Underwood, General Manager, Bulimba Golf Club, 2019.

We had the pleasure of Sean performing at our Day in the Dirt Festival where he "soft launched" his Satriani tribute. It was amazing to have someone of his calibre to entertain the locals. His delivery was superb and he's just the nicest guy to work with," Angela Wright, Gap View Tavern, Alice Springs, 2017.

"I've known Sean as a player for many years and to hear him deliver this show the way he does is a testament to his immense talent and determination to get things right on his instrument. I cannot commend him highly enough for his fine musicianship in bringing this music to those that love Joe's beautifully written pieces of music," Sandra Beynon, Body and Soul Music Australia Events and Entertainment, 2019.